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Marty Smith Reel Sep 2018
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2021  One Lane Bridge.  Season 2. 5x 1hr TV series. TVNZ.
2020  The Brokenwood Mysteries.  Season 7.  Feature-length TV series.  
2020  Creamerie. TV Series. TVNZ, SBS Australia, NBCU
2020  Westside. Season 6. TV Series. TV3
2019  The Brokenwood Mysteries.  Season 6.  Feature-length TV series.  
2019  Westside. Season 5. TV Series. TV3
2018  Alibi.  Webseries. TVNZ
2018  The Brokenwood Mysteries.  Season 5.  Feature-length TV series.  Prime 
2018  Westside. Season 4. TV Series. TV3
2017  800 Words.  TV Series. Channel 7 Australia
2017  Westside.  Season 3. TV Series. TV3
2017  The Brokenwood Mysteries.  Season 4.  Feature-length TV series.  Prime 
2016  Westside.  Season 2. TV Series. TV3
2016  Balloons. Short Film
2016  The Brokenwood Mysteries.  Season 3. Feature-length TV series.  Prime 
2015  Westside.  TV Series. TV3
2015   Perfect Match. Short Film
2015  The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 2. Feature-length TV series. Prime 
2015  Step Dave.  Season 2. TV series. TV2
2014  The Brokenwood Mysteries Feature-length TV series. Prime 
2013  Step Dave.  TV series. TV2
2013  Nothing Trivial.  Season 3. TV series. TV1
2011-The Almighty Johnsons.  Season 1-3. TV series. TV3
2013  The Blue Rose.  TV series. TV3
2012  Sione's 2: Unfinished Business.  Feature Film
2010  Spies and Lies.  TV Movie. TV1
2010  Stolen TV Movie. TV3
2006-Outrageous Fortune.  Seasons 2-6. TV series. TV3


Creamerie: Finalist, New Zealand Television Awards 2021

Alibi: Best Cinematography, Toronto Webfest 2019

Westside: Silver Award, ACS Awards, NSW, 2017

Stolen: Winner, Bronze Award, ACS Awards, NSW, 2010; Finalist, Best Camera, AFTA Awards 2011.

Outrageous Fortune: Finalist, Best Camera, Qantas Television Awards 2007,2008,2009,2010.


Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Member of the Australian Cinematographers Society, New Zealand Screen Industry Guild.

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DJI Ronin 2 Gimbal (13.6kg load)
DJI Ronin S Gimbal (3.6kg load)
2x Flowcine Gravity 1 Gimbal (20kg load)
1A Tools Alpha Wheels
Alpha Link SBUS XR
Alpha Link MōVI Mimic
Nodo Inertia Wheels. 2 Axis
DJI Force IMU controller for Ronin 2
EasyRig Gimbal Vest w/Vario 5 Power Pack
Flowcine Serene and extension 'Heavy Lift'
Panasonic GH5 w/ lenses. 4K
Blackmagic Pocket  Cinema Camera 4K
Blackmagic Micro Cinema Cameras  (Crashcams, 2x) 1080p

SmallHDCine7 monitor
SmallHD 503 monitor. Ultra Bright

SmallHD 502 monitors 2x

Paralinx Ace Wireless SDI TX/RX. 5GHz
Connex Mini HDMI TX/RX. 5GHz. 500m range
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